Kevin Quilliam
Kevin QuilliamCEO
Kevin has been working with renewable energy programs since 2008 when he co-founded SRECTrade, now the leading online marketplace for buying and selling renewable energy credits. In 2013 he spun off and took over at InClime, focusing on running renewable energy and efficiency programs for utilities and public agencies. Kevin also had a 20 year career as a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot and program/project manager, and has earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
Alex Rein
Alex ReinChief Operating Officer
Alex has been involved with solar energy development and finance since 2009, when he joined SunPower Corp. Over his 7+ years there, he helped develop more than 40MW of C&I solar projects, managed a $100M SREC portfolio and led a quarter billion dollar cost efficiency initiative. In 2016 he founded solar consulting firm Prairie Light Solar, where he worked with developers and investors on financial modeling and incentives for solar projects. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Brown University and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
Jane Valentino
Jane ValentinoVice President of Programs
Jane provides programming and policy support for the programs InClime runs. She has an extensive background in renewable energy and energy efficiency, working for many years at the Center for Resource Solutions as the Green-e Climate Manager, as well as working at ICF International, NYSERDA and the California Public Utilities Commission. Jane holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University and a Master of Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.
Lauren Toltzis
Lauren ToltzisProgram Manager
Lauren is program manager for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program, and has also worked with the Delaware SREC Procurement Program, the SEU Upfront SREC program, and the DNREC Green Grant program. She has not only has significant technical expertise in the areas of generation and RECs, but is also able to help stakeholders at any level work through the more arcane and technical aspects of SREC production and tracking. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from George Washington University.
Rachel Land
Rachel LandProgram Manager
Rachel is the primary program manager for the Mass CEC iVerify program, the Energize Delaware Solar and Energy Efficiency Loan program, and Delaware Green Energy Grant program, as well as assisting in InClime’s other programs. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science double major in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Maryland College Park.
Lisa Wadsworth
Lisa WadsworthProgram Manager
Lisa assists in running all of InClime’s programs, drawing on her significant expertise in renewable energy credit markets. Lisa registered over 10,000 renewable energy systems in the PJM and NEPOOL regions during her six years building and running SRECTrade’s back office operations, and brings this expertise into system design and implementation for the programs InClime now runs. Lisa also has significant financial compliance experience from a decade in the financial industry in compliance and operations. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of West Florida.
Akeem Alade
Akeem AladeProgram Manager
Akeem is the primary program manager for the Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program, as well as assisting in InClime’s other programs. Akeem holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is certified as a LEED Green Associate.
Charley Fullerton
Charley FullertonProgram Manager
Charley is the lead program manager for the SRECDelaware Program and PennAEPS program. Charley holds a Bachelor of Science in Spanish Studies with a minor in Sustainability and the Built Environment from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia, as well as LEED Green Associate certification.
Bryan Gower
Bryan GowerProgram Manager
Bryan has supported renewable energy markets as a Renewable Energy Certification and Tracking System Program Administrator for nearly 12 years. He has extensive experience working with stakeholders on implementing registry functionality to comply with state regulatory requirements in M-RETS, NC-RETS, MIRECS, and NYGATS. Prior to working on Renewable Energy Certification Systems, Bryan worked for the Coast Guard on Oil Spill Response Incident Management and holds a Master of Public and Non-Profit Administration (MPA) from California State University, East Bay.
Clarissa Day
Clarissa DayProgram Manager
Clarissa has worked in the solar industry since 2012 and managed the renewable energy credit registration process for solar facilities in CT, NH, OH, and PA. As an advocate for bike and walkability, she volunteers with a youth cycling group in her local area. She has a passion for equipping kids with the skills and tools needed to safely navigate and explore their community.
Justin Ferguson
Justin FergusonProgram Manager
Justin is a Program Manager for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. Prior to working within the renewables industry, Justin served as a Data Analyst at Bloomberg. From his experiences, he has created streamlined workflows & market analyses for clients while managing and manipulating large data sets into actionable insights. He holds a Masters in Project Management from Georgetown University and Bachelors in Communication from the University of Maryland, where he is currently pursuing his MBA.
Isiah Womack
Isiah WomackAssistant Program Manager
Isiah is an Assistant Program Manager providing support to all of InClime’s Program Managers. Isiah assists mainly with the Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program and Illinois Power Agency’s Adjustable Block Program supplying administrative support. Isiah is also a student at University of Maryland – College Park pursuing a B.S in Economics.
Sue Lynch
Sue LynchSenior Developer
Sue provides full-stack support for InClime’s online programs. Sue has 20 years of experience designing and building missions critical software not only in business applications but also in the aviation and medical fields. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from City College of New York.
Lisa Weil
Lisa WeilSoftware Developer
Lisa has worked as a Program Manager for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a Project Planner for SunRun and as an analyst supporting energy efficiency, solar and electric vehicle charging for Ahold supermarkets. Her prior experience in software development includes work in the image processing and telecom fields. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Community Environmental Studies from Tufts University.
Gary LaNoce
Gary LaNoceProgram Manager
Gary is a Program Manager for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program and Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS). Previously as a data analytics manager, Gary helped track and report program performance on energy efficiency contracts across the residential, multifamily, and C&I sectors. Gary has experience managing CRM databases for digital marketing, conducting market research, and applying GIS tools to large data sets for clients. Gary holds a Bachelor of Science in Energy, Business, & Finance from Penn State University and a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Drexel University.
Alex Toltzis
Alex ToltzisConsumer Protection and Marketing
Alex is a program manager for consumer protection within the Illinois Adjustable Block Program, and also works in a marketing role for InClime. Prior to working with InClime, Alex served as Assistant Director of Marketing with Navy Athletics for three years, overseeing marketing for six varsity sports. He holds a Masters Degree in Sport Industry Management from Georgetown University and a Bachelors in Sociology from George Washington University.
Bradyn Winiarski
Bradyn WiniarskiProgram Manager
Bradyn is a Program Manager for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. With experience working in various capacities (academia, non-profits, and institutions), she brings an international perspective with an extensive background in renewables policy and environmental affairs. Bradyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and International Studies with a certificate in European Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master of Science in Environmental Planning from Technische Universität-Berlin.
Luis Delgado
Luis DelgadoTest Software Developer
Luis serves as InClime’s Test Software Developer.
Deborah Bowman
Deborah BowmanSoftware Developer
Debby is a full-stack software developer with 20 years of experience creating and maintaining data-driven applications for the United States Postal Service and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. She has also worked as a database marketing consultant for clients in the telecommunications, utilities and retail industries. She holds a Master of Science in Direct Marketing from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania.