About InClime:

InClime is an Annapolis, Maryland based organization dedicated to managing and running solicitations, request for proposals (RFP) and procurement programs for utilities and public entities. InClime is focused on creating easy to navigate online programs that allow everyone from homeowners to large businesses to directly participate in programs that were previously limited to large, sophisticated entities. Our administration team assists clients qualifying for and participating in renewable energy and energy efficiency programs offered in various states and cities across the country. Clients are supported via telephone, email, webinars and live training. InClime currently runs a number of programs in solar renewable energy credit solicitation and management, as well as several grant, loan, and low-income programs in renewable energy and energy efficiency.   An overview of our programs is available on our website.

Position Overview:

InClime is growing and looking for an enthusiastic and independent worker, with strong customer service skills and attention to detail to assist in the administration of our numerous programs.  As part of our administrator responsibilities and duties, InClime receives applications and documents from individuals and organizations through our web-based platforms that must be carefully reviewed for completeness and compliance within rules of the programs.  The Program Manager will be provided training on the detailed rules and background laws of each program managed by InClime.  The Program Manager will need to become an expert in these rules within a few weeks.  The Program Manager is responsible for reviewing applications and documents, contacting the applicant by email with deficiencies, following up via telephone if the applicant has further questions, and approving/denying applications.

The Program Manager will also be responsible for high level activities such as providing guidance in the strategic development and implementation of the program as well as providing training and presentations to stakeholders on various aspects of the programs.  The Program Manager must be a fast learner with a willingness to do anything and everything to guarantee success of the program.  In exchange, the position offers a high level of responsibility in an extremely flexible work environment.

Position Requirements, Salary & Benefits:

InClime offers a competitive salary based on experience.  Position includes 3 weeks (15 work days) of paid vacation time per year and includes the option to telecommute several days per week. InClime offers health insurance for employees and provides a 401k with employer match.  InClime runs programs in the Eastrn, Central and Mountain time zones, so depending on assignment the position may require modified work hours to conform to the hours of 9-5 in the program’s time zone.

Required Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (business, mathematics or engineering degrees preferred). Equivalent work experience considered.
  • Demonstrated self-starter with ability to learn program rules and requirements independently.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office experience (Advanced Excel formula knowledge required)
  • Ability to perform help line work with clients via telephone and via email

Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge of renewable energy and renewable energy finance as well as how renewable energy incentive programs work
  • Ability to work with provincial, state, and local governments
  • Able to develop business processes and improve existing processes, especially through programmed automation
  • Ability to design and improve consumer internet UI
  • Familiar with auctions theory and markets, basic micro economics background

Email resume and cover letter to jobs@inclimesolutions.com