InClime is dedicated to managing and running solicitations, request for proposals (RFP) and procurement programs for utilities and public entities. InClime is focused on creating easy to navigate online programs that allow everyone from homeowners to large businesses to directly participate in programs that were previously limited to large, sophisticated entities. InClime’s solicitation platforms allow for thousands of participants on either the buying or selling side of the transaction, or both. Our customer service team specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency, and not only conducts live training but is always available by phone to walk customers through what can be a complicated and sometimes confusing process.  InClime currently runs a number of programs in the solar renewable energy credit solicitation and management space, as well as several grant, loan, and low income programs that cover renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our Programs

InClime was chosen by Energy Efficiency Alberta to start-up and run the Provinces new $36 million dollar Residential and Commercial Solar program through the company’s wholly owned Canadian subsidiary InClime Solutions, Inc. This program provides a rebate to homeowners, businesses, and non-profits throughout the Province who install solar on their home or business. InClime’s software platform was customized for the program and InClime’s expert team reviews all applications, grants approvals, and disburses all funding as well as handling customer service and answering questions about the program. In addition, InClime was heavily involved in assisting Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Alberta Climate Change Office in developing the program terms and conditions and guidebook, as well as marketing the program to solar installers and customers throughout the Province.

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InClime has run the annual Delaware SREC Procurement program since 2012 when the first pilot was launched. This program procures the majority of the SRECs needed by Delaware’s sole investor owned utility, Delmarva Power. The program includes a competitive bid held each year with systems ranging from small residential to large commercial bidding to provide 20 year SREC contracts. InClime runs the solicitation that chooses the winning systems, then tracks them to completion over the next year. InClime then manages these systems for the next 20 years, including registering them in the PJM-GATS tracking registry, gathering and entering meter readings each month in GATS, tracking SREC creation, delivering SRECs to Delmarva Power per each generator’s contract, and paying each generator monthly via ACH based on the SRECs they sold that month.  This program has been highly successful, procuring SRECs at prices 50% lower than surrounding states while still maintaining a robust solar installer ecosystem. The program is often held up as a model in contrast to the boom and bust experienced by the other states with SREC programs. You can learn more about the program here.

InClime acts as the Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Credits Administrator on behalf of the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. This position is responsible for running the PA Alternative Energy Credit (AEC) program. This includes registering and assigning Pennsylvania certificate numbers to the over 24,500 renewable systems registered in Pennsylvania, reviewing generation and AEC production, determining compliance levels and ensuring all electric distribution companies and load serving entities meet their compliance obligations, and supporting PUC staff overseeing the program. More on this program can be found here.

InClime runs the Delaware Green Grant Program on behalf of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). This statewide program provides grants for solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, wind, and geothermal systems in Delaware for residential, non-residential, and non-profit applicants. InClime took over what was previously a paper and mail based program, creating a custom version of the InClime portal that handles the entire program, from accepting applications to providing customer service and reviewing all submitted applications.  This program has been very successful, with the number of applicants doubling each year that InClime has been running the program, despite two significant reductions in grant levels. Stakeholders both in the renewable industry and with DNREC have complimented ease of use, increase in transparency, and improvement in speed of response of the new system.  More information about the program can be found on the program website.

InClime launched and runs the Delaware Solar Loan Program on behalf of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility. This program provides low interest loans for up to 70% of the cost of a solar system to customers located in Delaware. The program was designed to complement the existing Delaware SREC Procurement program the InClime also runs, providing a streamlined and simple loan process devoted solely to solar loans. InClime handles all aspects of this program, initiating, underwriting, and servicing the loans as well as providing marketing, training, and customer service to contractors and customers.  You can learn more about the program at

InClime helped design and implemented the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility Upfront SREC Purchase program in 2014. This program consists of a $.45/watt upfront payment for solar pv systems in Delaware as an alternative to participating in the Delaware SREC Procurement program which InClime also runs. InClime manages the entire program, including a portal where generators apply for the program, generating bank NACHA files for ACH payments to generators, registering all systems in PJM-GATS, and collecting meter readings and entering them in GATS monthly for the 20 year term of each generator’s contract. More information about this program can be found on the program website.

The Illinois Adjustable Block Program is run by the Illinois Power Agency and selected InClime as the Program Administrator.  The Adjustable Block Program will offer a set price for purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) via 15-year contracts from qualifying projects, and the price will be adjusted for successive volumetric blocks (hence the “adjustable block” name) based on market response. The Illinois Power Agency’s goal is to design a series of adjustable blocks with prices that will elicit the maximum amount of deployment at the least possible cost, with a high level of certainty and transparency for market participants.  The initial goal for the Adjustable Block Program is to have enough RECs under contract to result in 1,000,000 RECs being delivered annually by the end of the 2020‐2021 delivery year (i.e., May 31, 2021), entailing approximately 666 megawatts of new photovoltaic generation in the state.  Learn more about the Program and InClime’s role as Program Administrator here.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) runs several loan and rebate programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including the Mass Solar Loan Program and the Clean Heating and Cooling program which provides rebates for heat pumps, geothermal, biomass boilers, solar hot water, and wood stoves. InClime was chosen to run the income verification program that allows lower income customers to receive enhanced loans or grants under these programs. InClime built a custom portal that collects all required information, creates an IRS form 4506-T, obtains income verification from the IRS, and reports customer eligibility back to the MassCEC. More about this program can be found on the program website.

InClime holds regular spot REC auctions of behalf of regulated utilities seeking to meet their compliance obligations. These auctions are designed for retail and professional customers on the sell side. InClime handles all aspects of not only running the auction, but also collecting and disbursing both RECs and funds at the conclusion of the auction.