Our Services

Auctions, Solicitations, and RFPs

The InClime online auction engine can be customized to any auction type and hosted on a custom website with user guides, documentation of auction rules, and online help and FAQs. InClime’s team of leading experts in REC/SREC markets can also assist in auction design and implementation.

Post Solicitation Management

Solicitations for long-term contracts require extensive customer interaction for the life of the contract, sometimes for several thousand individual customers/generators. InClime’s custom portal and program management team can track all aspects of every project from registration to monthly meter readings, REC creation, and payment of individual generators.

Grant and Loan Program Administration

InClime’s platform can be rapidly customized for any renewable or energy efficiency grant or loan program and is backed by our expert customer service team to assist applicants. The platform can be used to initiate applications, review and approve applications, perform credit checks and income verification, and disburse funds.

Innovative Solicitation Management

InClime’s solicitation management software and program management services handle renewable energy solicitations from initial bidding to multiple year contract service and payments. 

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